My Kujira Crown in Pattaya in 1979?

I happened to be watching an 8mm home video of a German family visiting Pattaya in the late 70’s and spotted what could very well be my MS-60 Toyota Crown: It seems to be the right color and model, and these cars were originally used for government bigwigs, so it’s possible that one of them … Continue reading “My Kujira Crown in Pattaya in 1979?”

The Toyota “Kujira” Crown, Reborn

After five months of being held hostage by a rogue body shop, a brief return home, and then a serious accident caused by a negligent repair shop, the Kuj has returned. These are the kinds of photos I really wanted to take before the accident, but I never had the chance. The body shop to … Continue reading “The Toyota “Kujira” Crown, Reborn”

Hunting Parts for a Kujira Crown

After owning a 1971 MS60 for a few years now, I can tell you one thing: It’s been pretty damn near impossible to find spare parts for it. After spending countless hours trying to find parts overseas on the internet (because there were almost none advertised in Thailand even last year) that I could afford … Continue reading “Hunting Parts for a Kujira Crown”