Zatoichi #6

I don’t even have time to watch Zato anymore, but I love these graphics and wanted to continue from where I left off a couple years ago in Japan. All my previous Zatoichi posts.

Zatoichi #1

I suddenly realize that in my quest to post all of the Zatoichi jackets, I have been negligent: I left out #1! Bust a move, Katsu!

Zato #3

I’ve been delinquent in my Zatoichi viewing. I will finish them all before I leave, however. Katsu Shintaro embodies so much of what is lost in modern Japan. And that is of course what makes these movies so cool.

Zato #2

I’d review it, but why bother? Opinions on chambara are fairly polarized; when a chambara swordfight flashes by as you flip through channels late at night, either you stop and watch somebody slice through 30 opponents in front of a tea shop, or you don’t.