November 29, 2004

diK soireT


Ah, fun with anagrams! Dick soiree (a phonetic interpretation) makes just about as much sense as Terios Kid spelled forwards.

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November 25, 2004

Theory of Evo

Apparently only one-third of Americans say evidence supports Evolution. Of course, Japanese see proof of it just about every day:


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November 21, 2004

Kimchee Nabe


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November 12, 2004

Year of the Rice

Here at the School, we like to keep tabs on notable places of worship that spring up around the web. These people are carrying the faith to new heights: RICE IS LIFE

- Almost 3,000 million people share the culture, traditions, and untapped potentials of rice.
Three thousand million sure sounds like an awful lot... I think they forgot to carry the decimal when converting from yen or something.

- Even in nations "new to rice", its cultivation has changed landscapes...
This is probably a reference to the proliferation of lowered Toyota Camrys in nations that know no better (as opposed to those who do know better but lower them anyways).

- Along the Senegal River in West Africa, villagers greet guests with specially prepared rice dishes.
In professional forums, we refer to those dishes as "chrome hubcaps."

- In short, rice is life.
Amen, brothers.

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