May 26, 2005



This mom and pop market is a few steps away from my apartment in Juso. Surprisingly, there are no snack bars, porn theatres, soapland related businesses, or negiyaki restaraunts nearby!

The price signs are all drawn in marker on standard A4 paper, and they sell really cheap produce that looks like it was grown in someone's back yard.

A Lawson convenience store and the Rice Grocery are equidistant from my apartment, but in the end, the Takahashi Rice Market will end up with the larger share of my money because it's ghetto in a cool sort of way. It's like a store you might encounter in Gardena or Torrance, back in California.

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May 09, 2005

Thai Rice


There was a lot of rice in Thailand. Unfortunately, I was not in the mood for taking pictures of it, so I leave you with this little morsel instead.

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