Cows of Awaji

A couple weeks ago a calf was born on my coworker’s mini dairy farm. These mini-farms are prevalent on the more remote parts of this island, often limited to less than a dozen cows. Anyhow, I got around to asking how the calf was doing today and was told it had gotten sick and died. […]

Bovine 911

Last night, Nam, Max, and I saw something I’ve been expecting to see ever since I came to Thailand. We had finished dinner at a restaurant just down the road and were on our way home in the Cefiro when we came upon flashing lights at a big curve. A police pickup blocked the view […]

I, Enki

Dude. This is my greatest accomplishment in years. I inadvertently stumbled onto two Neal Stephenson short stories YOU NEVER EVEN KNEW EXISTED. Spew is on the WIRED site, but I guess I just never found it until now. I am posting the entirety of the Great Simoleon Caper in the extended entry of this post […]

Animal Farm

With help from the shizzolator, might old Major have been more of an inspiration to the Panthers? Shizzolate that shit: “Now, comrades, what is da nature of dis life a ours? Let us face that shiznit: izzle lives are miserable, laborious, ‘n short n’ shit. We are born, we are given just so much food […]