Toyopet Kujira Crown CM

It took a while, but I found a Japanese commercial for my car on YouTube: You think that’s seventies bad? Here’s a bonus video to remind you of the timeframe: /////////////////////// What were you driving/doing back then? (Waiting for a steam locomotive? Skipping gaily through stacks of hay in a dried-out rice paddy?)

Mooban Hack – The Legend of the Kujira Begins

mooban def: a village or community (Thai) (note: I previously wrote about my new ride here) Maybe I should say the legend “continues,” since I’m told it’s quite possibly run a million kilometers over the past 36 years, but the legend of the Kujira Crown began for me on September 1, 2007. I happened across … Read more Mooban Hack – The Legend of the Kujira Begins

Van Nuys ’72

Cruising Van Nuys Boulevard In The Summer Of 1972 In Stunning Black And White Photos By Rick McCloskey This culture was pretty much gone when I grew up in SoCal. These photos were taken a couple years before I was born, but I feel a deep connection to them every time I see my driveway.

Nardi 14″

Just centered this bad boy with a tire iron and a cop came to ask me if he could borrow some tools to fix his motorcycle… He wasn’t a very good mechanic, and I ended up adjusting his carb with the mixture and idle adjustment screws. The kids are still at TKD…. I feel like … Read more Nardi 14″

Things I replaced on our car over summer vacation

You may understand part of the pain and frustration we¬†experienced if you can recognize the complete set of gaskets and ferrofluid engine mounts (replaced with solid urethane mounts). Yes, the whole front end of our Cefiro A33 (USDM: Infiniti i30) was taken apart and put together again. It runs really sweet now, except for a … Read more Things I replaced on our car over summer vacation

Poxy Varicella

I came home yesterday after lecturing for two days, fresh off finals week, looking forward to a nice, relaxing evening and some much-needed sleep. Alas. Max has chicken pox. Which means Mina will probably get them soon as well. Trying to keep babies living under the same roof quarantined is pretty much impossible, especially since … Read more Poxy Varicella