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Animal Mimics And An Ample Supply Of Venison

These animal-plants, sitting along the side of the Yamanami in Ubuyama, remind me of the work of Edward Scissorhands. They sit alone, with a small shack to the right, a pen full of mangy deer to the left, and the Aso mountain range in the distance. I have no idea if the person who maintains these sells them, or if they are just someone's privately owned topiary garden.

I thought this (what do you call these things? I'll just use the word...) sculpture was pretty skillfully trimmed. I want to come back here on a night when the full moon is out and take more pictures.

Though these deer are not the primest of specimens, at least they're not as dirty or mean as the deer in Nara. They are most definetely not afraid of people because just like in Nara, people buy bags of sembei (rice crackers, that are sold for 100 yen) to feed them.

Dunno why, but visiting this crappy petting zoo made me want to eat venison. I think its because I know that the small pen that these deer are kept in has probably made their flesh nice and tender...

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Why don't the J's eat deer, anyway? They breed like crazy and taste good, better than beef, I'd say. And yes, kept in a tiny enclosure, they'd be more tender than wild deer. Do the J's have game farms like here? Do they import bison, elk, moose or other "exotics" from here? Or just old, tired horses from the sorry actions around here....And why would you eat horseflesh and not deerflesh? Makes me wonder.

Scuba Steve:

Be weary of the lamb! Be very weary of the lamb! Of course the Pho too. =) I guess Mr. Ed wasn't as popular in Japan as Bambi was.


I have to work hard this weekend ,too
I,m sad!please help me!!!
oh my god(>_

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