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The Oita Coastline


Despite for all of the problems with this composite photo, I decided to post it. I know that the shot on the right was overexposed, and that all three of the pictures do not match up nicely (argueably I only need to use two of the photos, but what the heck), but I am learning from my mistakes. This is merely me experimenting with a new format, and any suggestions you may have dealing with a technical nature would be appreciated.

I found this post at luminous-landscapes.com especially helpful for explaining what the histogram function on cameras should be used for. Slowly I am learning how to properly use my camera.


Look at the tour boat in this picture. Okay, so the waves coming into the cove weren't so big, but this guy had mad boating skills. He took it almost all the way into the cave and didn't even need to fend off. He maintained a safe (but alarmingly close) distance from the basalt walls by only manipulating the throttle.

The really cool thing about this location is a mixture of the California land/seascape. The rugged coast, decorated with wind-sculpted pines remind me of the views of Monterey. The columns of frozen basalt conjure memories of visiting Yosemite's Devil's Postpile. It is places like this that make me feel most at home in Japan.

The ridge in the background is Elephant rock, but I think that the two submerged rocks in the foreground look like the head of an elephant. The islet to the left is the head. Its trunk snakes right and breaks the surface toward the open ocean.



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