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Oita's Niagara Falls

After visiting the Oka Castle Ruins (in Taketa) I stumbled upon a sign that lead me to "Oita's Niagara Falls".


I guess it is kind of reminiscent of Niagara, but I was disappointed that they built a bridge across the top that acts as a dam, preventing water from cascading down the full width of the falls. It doesn't seem like they even really needed to build it, in this specific spot anyhow. There is a perfectly serviceable bridge within view of this spot.

It's really sad how the Japanese often mold natural spots into things that detract from the over all beauty when they don't really need to. It is as if they need to put the stamp of man on nature, like a rancher brands his heard to make sure everyone knows that it's his. I'm not against putting a bridge over the river, but I just think they could have done it in a more tasteful manner.


The area along the falls protected by the dam allow me to crawl into a pocket carved into the limestone on the edge to get a view of the water streaming over. On a side note, there are tons of fish in the reservoir next to the falls. If I have time, I am coming back with my fishing equipment.

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Hey, great fishing spot! If you do catch stuff, make some fishprints for me and take photos, okay? Beware of Ag runoff toxicity in places like this, though...not good for future progeny!


Unless it's from the sea, it's strictly catch and release. I am yet to eat a freshwater fish that I really like for its taste (and not that of the marinade, sauce, or fried batter).


Hey I just found out I've been placed in Ubuyama for JET. Are you the only JET there? Will you be my predecesor? Please contact me if you can!

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