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The Hunger

Right now I'm searching the net for pictures to make a complete phonics lesson, and while looking for "cheeseburger", I stumbled upon this. Seeing this image has awakened the hunger. It is right before lunch so I will be eating shortly, but this will not satisfy my craving for some fresh grilled meat patties and cheese sandwiched between two crispy, soft buns, iceburg lettuce, grilled onions, and a slice of tomato. Might as well splurge and get a large vanilla shake and french fries.

According to the reciept, the thing in the picture is a 12x12 (a 4x4 + 8 patties and 8 slices of cheese, meaning it has a total of 12 patties and 12 slices of mouth-watering cheddar cheese) and cost a mere $10.15. I have only eaten a 3x3 personally, but many friends from high school as well as Justin and Kohei have downed a 4x4, and I think they were full. I don't think that any one person is capable of eating a 12x12. It's just not physiologically possible.

Actually, I think that a regular cheeseburger has the perfect ratio of every ingredient. I the beef and cheese overpowers everything else if you order anything larger than a double double.

If you haven't eaten at In N Out burger, you are missing out. If you are a hardcore In N Out junkie, then you know the secret menu which includes but is not limited to the following:

4x4- 4 patties, 4 slices of cheese
3x3- 3 patties, 3 slices of cheese
animal style- mustard grilled onto the patty
protein style- lettuce serves as the bun
grilled cheese- self explanatory

These are all I remembered off of the top of my head, but you can find the rest here.

If you are truly down, then you have noticed that there are bible verses written on the packaging. If you are like me, then you have not bothered to look them up, but you can find them on the page hyperlinked above.


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Dude I can'T believe you forgot Jungle style - EVERYTHING grilled.




Hey, the new In-n-Out on Talbert and Beach is up and running. I think of you, Jus and Mer when I casually drive by and order myself a #3 combo, animal style, lotsa catsup please, and a Dr. Pepper por favor!

Oh. My. She's just trying to get us home again I think. Hell, it's prolly just a new Carl's on Talbert and Beach. Then again, I'd go home just for the Tommy's and Alerto's. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Why do I do this to myself? Time to go home to a bowl of rice and some pickled veggies. YUMMY!


Dude, next time we meet up, lets grill our own. I have the tecnique down for making ass kicking cheeseburgers in Japan (but the chorizo and avocado teriyaki bacon cheeseburger will have to wait until we visit the States again). Also, Kraft recently started distributing "cheddar cheese slices" (read: American cheese), which as fake as it is works really well for making cheeseburgers.

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