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I KNEW I wasn't wasting my time, spending so many hours killing goombas, orcs, and terrorists! If only my parents had encouraged me, I could be making the big bucks in Korea (thanks to Chris for the link). Does anyone remember that movie where a kid has to battle the rich kid who uses a Nintendo Power Glove (TM) in a video game tournament? That idea crashed and burned, didn't it. Kind of like the robot and gyroscope that came with the NES. Back then, who would have predicted that the common mouse and keyboard would still be the gamer's choice of equipment four years past 2000? I was hoping for electrodes to read my brainwaves, or something a little more advanced than a glorified typewriter interface...

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That would be The Wizard.

Check out the mpeg on this page:


I love that they had 1942 in the commercial, as that was one of my favorite games back in the day. I used to wonder what the Japanese programmers thought of creating a game with the Lockheed P-38 Lightning as the protagonist, blasting all of those zeros and assorted Japanese airplanes and ships to hell. There must have been some backlash in Japan, or at least some old veterans were feeling pretty shitty when they watched their grandchildren blow effigies of them, as amped 20 year olds ready to die for Emporor Hirohito, out of the sky.

Oh hell, no. Japanese have an obsession with blowing up their animated WWII ancestors. That's why Medal of Honor: Rising Sun for the PS2 sold so well here.

Scuba Steve:

Yes. It was the Wizard and there was a contest with Super Mario Bros. 3. to where I think you had to take a picture of the Priness and send it in. If you won, then you got to appear in the movie or something like that. GO Kevin Arnold...and the later "gyroscope" was called Gyro. On a last note...your little trip back down memory lane put a picture in my head of a little Brian Taft and a little Peter Nguyen, standing around at recess sharing Nintendo Power tips with us less spoiled kids.


Yeah, but Nintendo Power was for quitters. OG gamers spent hours uncovering the various secrets, glitches, and other intricacies of the game. Games like Metroid and The Legend Of Zelda took were so satisfying because they rewarded experimentation and learning by trial and error.

Did Gyro have any other games that it could be played with? I don't remember, but if there were any others I bet they sucked.

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