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This is the Higothai flower, the flower of Ubuyama village. As some of you may know I used to hate bees. They used to sting me quite often. even though I avoided them, they would regularly land on me and jab me with their stingers. One time, I had to take a Tae Kwon Do orange belt test even though I had been stung on the sole of my foot- I passed, but it hurt like hell. I have since overcome my fear, and so I was able to get really close to this one.

The Higothai is a symbol, representing the friendship that has been created between Ubuyama and Thailand, thanks to the bi-yearly exchange program at the Chugakko. Supposedly, Ubuyama is one of the few places where the Higothai grows. I think the Higothai is a pretty fitting symbol, as the Thai students' uniforms are a similar shade of purple.

This model of a Higothai is just so ugly, I had to take a picture. It looks like it could blow a hole in the side of a battleship.

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Hey A,
Nice pic.


Thanks T-bone.

Dude, Master Shin r0xx0red. I think you have inspired a new post for me today.


Yes grasshopper, you were indeed very amazingly brave with that wasp stinger still pulsing its venom in the side of your bare foot! And you went on to get your belt. Very cool that you overcame your previous phobia to bees and wasps!

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