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Tijuana, Japan

Japan's Tijuana is just like California's. Everyone wears ponchos and sombreros and drinks a lot of tequila while playing mariachi music next to the saguaro cacti.
The only things missing are the jumping beans and kids chasing after a tourist with Chicle.

There is also a crazy looking zebra tethered by a amidst discarded furniture and cinderblocks.

Sadly in Tijuana, Japan, there are no cheap tacos with meat of questionable origin, nor are there any churros.

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Jejejeje , Im Living in Tijuana Mexico , so I am a Mexican and spoke Spanish and a little of inglish , in mexico , we dont use ponchos and sombreros , we have the same tecnologi that you , and i are not sad about the way that te other person in the world thing about as , is the same , if you ask about americans , we tell that every americans take her mealt in macdonals , and all the americans have a red skin , and all the people in alaska live in iglus , and all japan people talk like screem and all chinase eat rice and use a "sombrero" like the people that works in the rice.

Mexico have a lots of difrents place , Tijuana is a beauty city , I born here , i live here and i hope i die here..."in a lot of time" :P.

Your friend Juan Limon

Martin Camacho:

lol. Im living in Japan right now and I would like to know if u can tell me where in japan is this restaurant is located. I love mariachi music Im a musician myself and I want to go somewhere where they have mariachi. I found one restaurant that has a mariachi but its only 3 people in it. Its called La Fonda De La Madrugaba. Well I would appreciate it if u could let me know where in Japan Tijuana is located. Gracias.


Juan, thanks for setting things straight on Tijuana, Mexico. I'm not sure if my sarcasm came across very effectively, as I was poking fun at the stereotypical depiction of the Mexican on the sign..

Martin, all I can tell you about the restaraunt is that it is located in the Kitano neighborhood of Kobe. If you walk around for 30 minutes, you should be able to find it. As for mariachi music, I'll ask around and see if anyone knows about such a place.

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