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Bargain Hunting at Don Quixote

Don Quixote is my favorite chain store in Japan. Where else can you buy party sized snacks bigger than they sell in American supermarkets, Louis Vuitton bags, electrical appliances, cosplay outfits, children's toys, whale curry, and adult goods all under the same roof? If only Wal-Mart was as cool as this...

I always happen to find great things at "the Donkey Store", and yesterday was no exception:

How can I best describe this product... um... moist hole in a can. They didn't have an opened one, so I really don't know what this can contains exactly. Is it edible, and if so, what flavour is it? Does it have a heating catalyst or do you have to heat it up some other way? These and other questions need to be addressed.


"Kumamoto Joe" Debiec doesn't mind if it's a little past its expiration date. For the bargain price of 399 yen, he went crazy and bought a crate full (stocking stuffers, he claimed). His evaluation on this product should be forthcoming shortly- stay tuned...

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Classic. I once bought a horse head mask at the Don. Hope you guys are having fun up there. Happy Thanksgiving.


Sounds like a nice stocking stuffer, excuse the pun.
Happy Turkey Day!

...with no smart quips about that pic at my disposal...happy Thanksgiving man!

Wow, it is Thanksgiving week, huh? Damn... another holiday forgotten here in Japan. By the way, when you go to Don Quixote next time, wear flame-retardant clothes. The place almost went out of business because of several in-store fires that killed some people.

Mike - kumamoto:

Shortly.... bawahahaha


Thanks guys, hope you had a rad Thanksgiving. when I get back I'm having my dad fry up 2 turkeys to make up for lost feasts over here.


Beware little children and dogs! Deep fried turkey is dangerously delicious!


Dude, if I didn't know what was in that can, I wouldn't be holding it so close to my face...haha

Well done, professor. Well done!


Love Don Q myself, I am stoked that they just bought out Daiei Hawaii. Now I know where I can go get my so needed Rabu Jeri(Love Jelly).

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