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Haniwa: Curing and Firing

In order to make sure that the haniwa (here is another interesting article about haniwa) were completely dry, they sat exposed to the air and sunlight for 2 weeks. Since the smaller haniwa dry more quickly, I was able to fire the octopus, robot, and a few other smaller pieces prior to the bigger pieces.

This is the first group of haniwa. From right to left the group consists of a kabutomushi (rhinocerous beetle), a fugu (puffer fish), a bucket-headed sanshin player (made out of a gourd and bamboo stock), a ninja, a soldier with butterfly swords, a Taiko spirit, a Freeza-like spirit, and a Satsuma (not this Satsuma) samurai.

The second group is made up of a DJ, my version of a Daruma totem (a dual skull on top of a stormtrooper on top of a ninja turtle wind god), a snowtrooper (based on the kind that raided Hoth at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back), a two-headed warrior wielding a naginata, a bear, the squid Pope, and a ronin bearing a cane sword.

I fired the first group last week, and unfortunately, a few of them cracked. The samurai lost a piece of his helmet, the Taiko spirit lost part of his back, and the Fugu was badly damaged. I was able to fix them all with some super glue and used Gorilla Glue to fill in places where the fugu was badly damaged.

I just finished firing this group, and they all look like they survived the process intact. I guess it just took a little bit of time to refine my technique.

The clay I used was special in that it is made to be fired at 350 degrees for 1 hour, so I was able to do this in a household oven. I plan to make more as soon as I get more clay, but I need to find someone with a kiln so I can get those fired as well.

So far, the project is off to a good start.

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My oven is stinky and well worth it! I love the Yoshida Haniwa Clan!

nice work, dude! you have a real talent... keep churning them out and maybe we can sell them as the first set originals some day. I made a small squid-alien figurine yesterday out of the oil clay Nam's dad is using to create a Buddha image, but Nam just laughed at it. In all fairness, it wasnT much better than what I could do 25 years ago, so...

I'll keep trying, though.


the shit's awesome. Next step is marketing dude. Think of a unique signature/trademark - and add it to each one. The first set can be the 'this is the original stuff, without the marks' stuff.


Haha, thanks for the kind words. Justin- dude, you have free time right now, so just dedicate yourself to working with the clay.

I'm out of clay for now, so these are all there will be for the while...


I *so* want one to bring to work, to decorate my cubicle! Awesome work, bro!


The collection was impressive, i must say. hey, stop hoarding that shit and share some, eh? dont forget, you owe nina a piece you selfishpuppylovinghomo...and i would like to request a sea creatures collection, with a dolphin, turtle, cowfish, starfish, nudibranch, gumboot chiton and brain coral. Get in the kitchen and make me some pie, bitch!


shut up! You make me some pie!

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