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On to Monterey

With the support and encouragement of my family, I've moved to Monterey after accepting a position with the aquarium. Though I'd ideally like to live in Southern California, I can't complain about living up here- the possibilities for hiking, diving, fishing, and other activities are more plentiful than I could have hoped for. They even have jiu-jitsu up here!

One thing is for certain: I am glad that I didn't have to take any of the jobs that I was offered in Orange County. With the exception of teaching sailing, I wasn't having much luck finding a job that I wanted to do. All of the jobs that I was offered where I could use Japanese left much to be desired.

Instead of making a pitiful amount of money, spending a few hours a day stuck in L.A. traffic, and working insane hours for a Japanese corporation, I'm going to be doing something that I want to do for a living and during my leisure time. I realize that most people are not lucky enough to get to pick and choose what they want to do, and am very grateful for the opportunity.

Life just seems so unreal sometimes. As soon as I've ended one leg of my "career", another one starts in a different place. I still don't feel like the adventure that I embarked on when I left for college has really ended.

It's cool to see what you end up with if you are always on the move. It turns out, in my case, that I don't need a lot to be content- clothing, a camera, some books, music, computer stuff, sports equipment, assorted tools, and my camera can all be fit into a few suitcases, and are all that I need.

Posting might be light for a while, since I'm still in transition. While I'm getting started up here, I think I'll buy a new computer. What a great excuse to get something that I have really wanted, as I've been without my own computer since I left Osaka! Hmmmn... What to get?

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Congratulations, man!

Good luck with the new career!

(Jiu-jitsu? What happened to capoeira?)



Hey, thanks Kevin!

I did capoeira for a year, and am not done with it yet, but for now I want to get back into Brazilian jiu-jitsu. So many cool martial arts, and so little time and money...

Very cool - send all the details!


So how's the jiu-jitsu school? I'll have to come up and visit you and try that place out if you don't mind :)


Hey, I've developed a bad cough, and am waiting until I get rid of it to check out the place. There's another place around here, but I think it's Japanese jiu-jitsu. As soon as I start up, I will send you all of the details. You know you are welcome to drop in anytime, bro.

Hey congrats!

How about a macbook? It's serving me pretty well.

All the best to your new career in a brand new year!!! it's certainly great to be working for what you love. I hope I can do that as well one fine day :)

alot of people in blogging would have recommend Mac, but I still love the trusty & reliable T43

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