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Dishonesty sucks

Alright, I have a bone to pick. Some jerk ripped off my pictures, and his page got Dugg to the #1 spot today:

(This site has been completely changed now, thanks to the support of readers like you!)

Here's the Digg link:

And my original post:

If you're as disgusted as I am by this individual, please drop by the West Virginia Blogger's site and Digg and let everyone know how you feel.

This sucks: I'm flattered that the Digg community liked my content enough to earn a #1 ranking, but I'm pissed that someone would post the content and not give any sort of credit where credit is due, let alone ask permission.

Who does this individual think they are? Wouldn't they think that I'd be keeping track of my page after I'd been Farked and increasingly thumbed-up on Stumble Upon? Ultimately, in seeking attention through Digg, he pwned himself.

The following is a comment that I left on the guilty blog:

As the owner of the pictures that you posted without my permission on your site, I am asking you to take them down.

I also think that an apology is in order.

Re-posting other people's content without making it clear that you had nothing to do with anything other than copying and pasting stuff to your own page is dishonest and misleading.

I think you owe it to yourself to modify your behavior.

I hope that you are as disappointed in yourself as I am of you.

All right, I'm through for now. Gonna go to bed.


The comment above was successfully posted to his page, but he deleted it like a coward. Below is the comment and response that he left, after deleting the other one:

# Adam Says: April 8th, 2007 at 12:25 am

Yo, if you’re going to repost images from my site, the least you can do is give credit:
# Bucky Says:

April 8th, 2007 at 1:40 am


I didn’t get the images from your site. They were sent to me as an email FWD.

Nice blog BTW.

I could really care less about what "Bucky" thinks of my blog. What I want is for my pictures to be removed, and for an apology. Is that really too much to ask?

Just to give fair notice, I've just posted this:

I couldn't care less about what you think of my blog.

I will ask again:

1. take down my pictures
2. apologize

I will remind you that my content is protected by a Creative Commons license and I DO NOT give you permission to have them on your site. It doesn't matter how you acquired them. For the record, your excuse is pitiful.

Erasing my comments will not make me go away.

along with the other comment that he erased. OK, now I'm really going to sleep.

***Update 2***

Bucky has blocked me from commenting, but I really need to get some sleep. Let's see how things pan out tomorrow.

***Dirt off my shoulders***

Thanks to everyone who backed me up on this, and thanks to everyone who dropped by my post and left comments.

Both of my requests were ultimately met, with a twist.

He kept the post, deleted all of the comments pertaining to my post and from those who backed me up, and has posted a story (that has already been Dugg in the past by someone else, big surprise!) to bring in residual traffic. It's kind of funny to see how much he still treasures getting exposure. It's also amusing to see how poorly the old comments match up to the remodeled post.

I wish I would have kept a record of the comments that urged him to do the right thing, as no one really was overtly hostile. Most of the comments were civil, and sounded like something a nice first grade teacher would say to gently nudge a misbehaving child in the right direction. It would be a stretch to call any of the feedback that he received "flaming", though Justin's challenge of letting the comments stand used some colorful language. I have a feeling Justin would make a good high school teacher, and perhaps a preschool teacher as well.

Lastly, check the comments to this post. I was a bit surprised about his request, but will chalk it up to sleep deprivation and extreme embarrassment (on his behalf, of course).

Comments (8)

If you wish for me to completely remove the pics I will do so...not a problem.

I didn't see the "take down my pictures","apologize" in my moderation que.

I didn't see it till I read this post here.

I never erased anything, or blocked you from posting either.


Dude, you sleep late...

One more thing, I think I deserve an apology as well. You slammed me without hearing me out first, and accused me of things I didn't do.



Dude, You posted under false pretenses. Nowhere in your original post did you say that the pictures were forwarded to you, or that you didn't take them.

Those pictures are mine, and I posted them with the intention of sharing my experiences with others. Anyone who would steal someone else's art and pass it off as their own is not anyone I'm interested in having a conversation with.

All of the quotes published on my page were taken directly from your blog, and later were taken down.

If you truly were innocent, you would have let those comments stand.

The pictures hadn't been removed by this morning, even though I had published those comments, and you had replied to them several hours before.

It was only after a bunch of people started to express outrage at your behavior did you make things right. Peer pressure is what it took to get you to do the right thing.

The only one who owes you an apology is yourself. You owe it to yourself to think about what type of person you want to be.

Do you want to be a thief? A plagiarist? A hack?

Do you want to keep on insisting that you've done no wrong after you've been caught red handed?

I have some advice for you: Take it like a man.

It's embarrassing when you f*ck up and someone points it out, especially when it's about something that you're really proud of, and that pride suddenly turns into shame. But now, really, it's time to move on.

Look, if you're looking for forgiveness, then you're in luck, because I forgive you (though, I will not forget this).

Now go out, and be a better person. Go create original content, and share that with others instead of wasting the time and effort of yourself and others. You can do better than ripping off other people's stuff (even if it's forwarded to you)!

Definition of BITCH MOVE: He just wiped all of our comments on his entry and is using another set of SOMEONE ELSE's photos so as to fool the residual traffic coming into that post... On one hand, it's sad to think Bucky is such a poor role model to his kids. On the other, I DECLARE TOTAL VICTORY!!!

You got owned, bitch.

fuck a buck:

ha ha

I have been lurking and watching how this panned out. Unlike you, most people would have appreciated the exposure and worked with it. Instead, you got your readers to dump on him, and in turn he dumped you. heh.

Also, that blog isn't the only blog where those pictures are, so you might want to go searching for the other "guilty" blogs and scream your creative commons BS at them. The only reason you were pissed was because his site got dugg, and yours didn't. (The others haven't been dugg either, but the pictures are on their blog.)

I've seen a lot of blogs where the first thing someone does is start yelling "creative commons" bs at everyone. Most people join just to be part of the "club" and get that cool logo on their website not knowing that they are actually relinquishing some of their rights. If people, (and by people I mean you) are that concerned about their photos, you had better just get an all out copyright on them. Creative Commons makes it a lot easier for someone else to use your stuff. You should read up on it and understand exactly what rights you are giving up by placing that logo on your site.


To "say what",

you have one valid point, and that was that I hadn't updated my CC license since I first started using it over 3 years ago.

However, does that make it morally right for someone to take my pictures and use them as their own?

As for the other users posting my pics, I will ask them, first, to credit me, and if that doesn't work (as it didn't with Bucky), then I will ask them for an apology and to take down my pictures.

The real issue, as Kevin Kim said, wasn't getting on Digg. It was not giving credit. I have no problem with people using and remixing my work as long as they don't try and take credit for it.

I can't help but notice more than a tinge of condescension towards me and support of Bucky. Would I be wrong in guessing that he might be a friend of Bucky, or Bucky himself? I guess I'll have to assume that this is the case, since you didn't have the balls to leave your name, a valid email address, or your own website.

Being a self-described lurker, I'm surprised that you think I'm not glad that others are appreciating my work. But is that the point of this post?

When someone takes someone else's content and posts is as their own, it is dishonest and deeply disrespectful to all involved, including the perpetrator. For most of us, this is something we learn in preschool. For one who talks so condescendingly, it seems that maybe you have some things that you might learn about basic life lessons.

As for this business of "dumping", I have no idea what you mean. Do you mean "flaming". If you review the comments, the majority of people politely asked Bucky to give credit, and to do the right thing.

Did I get "dumped on". Hmmmn... It seems the only two people who have objected to me pointing out that Bucky claiming my pictures as his own is wrong are you, an annonymous commenter (who might just be Bucky! Who knows?) and the West Virginia Blogger.

Now watch me do something different than Bucky. I'm going to leave all of these comments up, so please, do drop by again if you feel that you have something constructive to say. Who knows, maybe in time you'll work up enough courage to let us know who you are and provide a way to get in touch.

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