Mountain Tanuki

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Unlike the racoon dogs that live on Justin's island, ours have a diffr'n set 'o priorities.


We like awr Tawnookeys cuz theyyur wild boozers and bring their own sake jugs with them, nawt 'cause they add more sausage to the hootenanny.


fix the link, dude. that link is a trackback link, you don't use it in reference to the page for people to click - it comes out as an error. to use trackback, you need to display advanced options in the new post entry page. near the bottom of the page there will be a box called "sites to ping" or something like that. that's where you paste the link you used in this post.

It won't work, Adam. You boys are definitely obsessed with male genitalia and have ruined my affection for the cute ceramic tanukis I liked so much! I thought they were a symbol of prosperity or something. Is it about male, er, uh, "vitality"? Very strange that I never learned about this when I was in Tenri! What's the use of all that schooling, anyways?!

Guess who's back in the motherfucking house...

Yeah, that's right Adam, Porno Pete lives on.

And you thought that Japan was far enough away..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....


yo fix the link noob!

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