Not Helpin' The Cause

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I just know that this animation was made with a couple of geeky E.S. majors (is this repetitive?) from UCSB. Funny, I now feel like eating some milkfed veal stuffed with foiegras.

In a related note,maybe I don't need to go to Korea, maybe I only need to go to Panda Express to eat dog.


Very funny stuff, that video animation on the Matrix! Dad was laffing silently as he watched it and made me look....wonder why he won't write a comment on your page, huh? He likes it a lot so good job. By the way, did you know that this Halloween was really bad or good (depending on what pov you have)at Isla Vista? Over 70 arrests of drunk, rowdy students and lots of LA Times coverage. All Hail Adam's Alma Mater!

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