Thanksgiving In The Japanese Countryside

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Living in Ubuyama can really be an inconvenience sometimes. If I were back at home on this Friday, I would be remembering the spectacular dinner that I had eaten yesterday, and would be helping myself to my third helping of leftover deep-fried turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, ham, salads (caesar, potato, macaroni, and maybe jello), mashed potatoes, chips and dip, vegetables, and a thick, rich gravy drowning everything.
Not that I can complain, though. I made a couple of Japanese friends panfried steaks and eggs topped with fried garlic, with grilled shiitake and onions in a redwine sauce, with rice and an italian salad! As it was the first time that they had eaten this stuff, it blew their minds (this is common when I cook, but it is usually either extremely good, or extremely bad- though this only happens on average two times a year). Not bad for a meal that took twenty minutes to prepare.
You may have been noticing that I have been talking an awful lot about food lately, and this reflects my state of mind. Japanese food is good, but during the holidays, I need to eat like an American! Yo, supersize that biznitch, and yes I will take the chocolate shake and an extra order of chicken strips and curly fries to start with... 22 days...


This is the first Thanksgiving I did not cook and did not have real turkey, either. Knowing you're returning home, we've decided to have dad do his famously dangerous deep-fried turkey. Auntie Betty will make your favorite stuffine and cookies; you and your sibs can have the kitchen to make all the goodies you want. I plan to make a wicked macaroni and 4 cheeses and some other comfort foods. The cousins are invited to bring (for the first time!...we're starting a new tradition for you grown kids!) their favorite dish to this party, so it will be amazing, I'm sure.

Okay, so I must admit there's a KFC, McD's, A&W and Taco Bell... I miss the opposite of what you're missing: Japanese food (katsu-anything, tempura, saba, etc.), Chinese food (dim sum!), and good Italian food. I'd be in hog heaven here in Missoula if I liked a liquid diet -- I've never lived in a bar town before.
I want mom's wicked Mac & Cheese, Auntie Betty's jello-creamcheese bar things, Dad's chicken wings and ribs...
I can't wait for Christmas. At home. Jason's coming to visit in one week, and I'm stoked. We'll have an early X'mas present opening, then I'll open presents on Christmas, then the day after Christmas when I get home with you guys. An extended gifting season -- my version of heaven! If I ever become jaded about any holiday involving presents (most notably X'mas and my birthday), hit me over the head and get it over with.
Can I send you any sorts of treats for your good kids? Maybe whistle pops or candy bubbles? Let me know.. I have all sorts of cool stuff.
Maybe I should've e-mailed this to you instead. Oops. Oh well.

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