Capoeira West Batizado 2005

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This is going to be an awesome event! If you can make it to Namba on the October 16th (Sunday), come and join us. It's going to be in Minatomachi by the river next to the radio station. If you want more information or directions to the place, let me know.


wtf? Are you into capoeira?.. did you ever hang out with the Lagoa do Abaete group in Kumamoto?

Wait, which Mike is this? Yeah, my buddy Luke runs the group down in Kumamoto- I think he's coming up to the Batizado in a few weeks...

Wow Mr. Yoshida, are you a Capoeira Grand Master? Should I call you...Grand Master Yoshida? Very cool man. Sounds like fun!


Just to set the record straight- I'm not very good at capoeira- I'm the least flexible person that I know (even people who don't exercise are more flexible than I am) and I've only been doing it for a few months.

It's good exercise and fun is all. Come to watch the others, who have Gumby-like flexibility and have honed their skills and coordination over a long period of time, not me!

Hey Adam, Grupo Senzala in Honolulu has one of the funnest jam session of part-dance, part-gymnastics, part-martial arts capoeira I've ever seen! In fact, there are so many Brasilieros in Hawaii (I think its a natural fit) now, that part of Waikiki beach is called "Ipanema West" should come see!

Damn... seeing that poster makes me want to brush up on my 99%-faded Portuguese. (Tudo bem? Tudo bom!) I would love to go, but Sundays are difficult.

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