What does Pinky think of tidepooling?

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Surprisingly, this little dog is able to go boulder hopping if you direct her along a clean, reasonable line.

Though she can climb up steep rocks and plows along like a little bulldozer, she doesn't necessarily like going off the path.

The yawn indicates that she's had enough, clearly not interested in checking out the critters left exposed by the low tide. It's probably better that way. We don't want her to stick her nose into the nematocyst-laced tentacles of the green anemone in the nearby pool.

We get back into the car, and she gets her muddy paws on everything (that I will end up wiping off later on in the day). Next time, along with dookie containment bags and water, I must remember to bring a towel to clean her off.

I'm curious to see just how steep a course she can safely handle, but that is an activity for another day...


I think she looks happier than I've ever seen any dog, ever. What a stinker!

hi Adam,
sorry, I'm not commenting on your recent post, but an earlier one of driving in Kyushu.
going there next week. Haven't been able to find any good data on driving in Kyushu, or real "local" things to do/find there. I do enjoying going through your blog. I like your entry on driving, and not having enough time to do what you like to do. ( ie. cooking stew etc..)
If you have the time, please email me with any advice you might have on Kyushu, especially Mt. Aso. Going to rent a car for the first time.


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