Skink in the chink

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A Japanese skink in between the cracks of the foundation of the ruins of Usuki Castle (Oita Prefecture). Unlike most skinks in Japan, this one lacks the rainbow stripes against the black body. He was running away when I took his picture, but I guess he wasn't worried enough to pass up a meal.


so you reviewed all your photos?

That is the grooviest skink pic I've ever seen!
good work!

I've gone through all of the ones from the Kyushu trip, but haven't had time to do much more than a cursory review.

I love that picture. are skinks common in Japan?

I'd say that they're pretty common. I seem to encounter them most in areas skirting places that have been developed, and sometimes even in the city.

He seems to have the 'HELP!!! Somebody help me get my tongue off this thing!!!' look.

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