Monday, November 13, 2006


Recently I've become more and more anxious the closer it gets to the holiday season. Maybe it's because I really miss that burrito or maybe I'm just getting a bit nervous for finals and the close of an amazing experience. We had our last EAP dinner/get together this past weekend and it was very bitter sweet. I'm going to miss the routine I have here already...just thinking about going back to the states and having to face the usual problems I had back then make me cringe. At the same time, I'm excited to see many familiar faces that I haven't been able to see and have more fun in San Diego. Anyways, here's a recap of my Hong Kong trip, November 2-6:

Thursday: Fly in and walk around in the evening...we're on the Kowloon side where Alva lives. We eat at Spaghetti House. Lolll, I know, it's not really Canto...

Friday: Wake up earlyyy to all shower and get going with finding a tour thing to sign up for...Alva's aunt comes to help us out and we walk around a lot...I think. I forget, I was really sleepy, lol.

Then we go to Hong Kong Disneyland! It was really cool; much smaller than the original Disneyland, but it was interesting to compare the two. Things I noticed was that there was a greater emphasis on Mulan, there were way less concession stands, almost no wait time for rides, and Mickey Mouse is like a hip celebrity here in Asia.

That night we went out to a couple bars and watched this band play pretty good music. The woman was all up on Jeff, haha. We even got a bit of a discount since we had 3 girls. There are so many foreigners in HK though! Just crazy. They all congregate in one place, though...I think.

Saturday: Ohh, by far the most painful day because we were all exhausted from the night before and STILL had to wake up even earlier! We went on a tour for the fishing village, giant buddha, vegetarian buffet, and I don't even know what else...temples?

We come back home, nap for like 2+ hours and get ready to go out. We decide we want to go clubbing in the same area as the night before at either Hei Hei or Sugar. Randomly, Alva and Irvin run into a pledge bro of theirs! Crazy! He was baller so he gave us his membership card which got a couple of us in for free and bought us several drinks. =/ He had Irvin take the most ridiculous Flaming Lambroughini ever!

The club was super nice though! I wish I could go back to HK for a longer amount of time!

Sunday: Woke up around 11 b/c of the night before and had some dimsum...then set off to go shopping!! Jeff was leaving a day before us so we shopped until he left...and then shopped some more! I ended up getting a lot of legwarmers...why?? lol

Monday: woke up early to wash and clean everything before going to the airport...which I then had to finish my essay that was due in a few hours. I literally had to run from the taxi to the printers to my class to hand in in person. I BAREly made it. Whew!

Oh, and last night I went running for the second time in Singapore. Seriously, it's impossible to cool off since it's so damn humid! I've also been trying to do the postcard's so tiring to write the same thing on every postcard!