Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Massive Update #2

Wednesday 5/21/08: I had a massive midterm due that was very misleading at first. It was for my international studies course and it was two essay prompts that were only 3-4 pages each, but so full of content that it was hard to contain within 3-4 pages. o_O. It took me until 6AM. Definitely not enjoyable. Later that night, I went to GRaIN meeting which was great because I haven't been able to make them on Tuesdays. After THAT, I went to see Indiana Jones with Kat, Cassie, Linda, Charlene, Ronnie and Eric. I almost fell asleep during the previews because I was so tired. But I thought it was entertaining overall; I think they knew that they couldn't make Indiana Jones as good as the older ones and kind of made fun of itself. I thought it was well done!

Thursday 5/22/08: I don't remember...but I do remember that I spent all morning on the phone with my credit card company. I am officially a victim of identity theft! How??? =(

Friday 5/23/08: Work Lunch and Alpha Kappa Psi Formal Banquet
Today was really nice because my FA's took me and Jeff (the other intern) out for a lunch at Venice, this Italian restaurant downstairs of our building. It was kind of sad to leave but really nice to know how great my experience with them have been:

And the obligatory group photo at lunch.

AKPsi's banquet was tonight and I was kind of scrambling for a dress because I forgot there was a black/white theme but I ended up wearing this white dress I bought like...a year ago and just never wore because I look like...a fairy.
Some of my favorites, up above. =]

Saturday 5/24/08: Delta Sigma Pi's Formal Banquet (@ the San Diego Zoo!)
DSP's banquet was the next, having fun get tiring, lol. Of course I ran into the lack-of-dress problem again and ended up borrowing Janice's dress. I liked the color soo much. It's cheesy, but I like wearing green with leafy earrings to the zoo *teehee*. ^_^v

Anyways, not to knock on AKPsi's banquet, but having it at the zoo was pretty awesome. We got to go around and look at all the animals for a couple hours before going to banquet (open bar, too).
We waited for a while for this guy! Some people at the front of the line spent like, 5 whole minutes taking a video of this dude just eating bamboo. We were like, DUDE, there's a line back here! about impatience.

Our prom picture...I forgot to put my heels on for this, hah. I actually wore white heels that put like 3 foot pads in...EACH! They were pretty killer.

Mmm giiiirl(s)! Randi and Kristel. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">And of course, the roomie picture! Freakin' Irvin had to stand in the middle of course. I like how we're symmetrical though, haha. Not planned!

There was a certain drink that because of me, was the drink of the night! It was the bartender's favorite drink (I asked him what it was) and it was a ______________ Sour. I forget the first part of the name. =( But it was really good! Some kind of Italian Liquor. Let me know if anyone remembers.

Anyways, it was fun though me and Irvin called it an early night...still tired from the night before. I'm getting old, I can't stay up past 1AM these days!

Sunday 5/25/08: Day of Rest and library attempt
Yes, basically, we were going to be ambitious and do Sea World, but we were too tired. So we slept in and went to the library later in the afternoon/evening. I checked out 19 books for my research paper! T_T

Me and Irvin were so hungry after the library, but we wanted home cooked food. We made a run to 99 Ranch for the first time in..."forever" and ended up buying random mixes and foods. We went home and I made chicken-katsu! Mmm, I have to admit, it was really good. It was chicken-katsu, steamed okra, mabo tofu, and rice. Mom would have been proud! Kat, Pei, Connie and Bobby even came over to share. Food is always so much better with good company!

Monday 5/26/08: Sea World
Yay, so finally we went to Sea World today and spent a whopping 4 hours there. I was really excited to see the shows and ride the rides, but midway got really tired (again). I was pretty satisfied will seeing the main dophin show and Shamu show. They ARE pretty amazing animals!

As you can tell, Irvin is very excited to go to Seaworld as well. =]

Yay, real dolphins (as opposed to UTC dophins)!

Did I ever mention how I loved seeing flamingos when I was a kid? I don't know why, maybe I was just giddy at how pink they are. In reality, they kind of smell... =/

And the star of the show: Bubbles! They said that she was 37 years old! Crazy, huh?

*Note: I was also going to try and attend this party in LA at Houdini's Mansion, but it was too far and tiring to do so..."next time."

Tuesday 5/27/08: Baking and Cooking with Adam
After my long day, Adam came over and we baked two sets of cookies, a package of brownies and even made green curry for dinner! Very ambitous for me to cook...and twice within one week!

Here's Adam, the Muffin Man.

Green Curry, my favorite!

Thanks, BFF! And being the good associate I am, I went to GBM and brought some curry and cookies there. ::pat on the back::

Wednesday 5/28/08: Sunbathing Wednesdays!
Again, Wednesdays are fun because of my girls. We just hung around and chatted with random people, AKPsi people, etc. Laying on the lawn was sooo relaxing...wish I didn't have to go to class.

INTL 190 was actually kind of exciting today because a woman who's been living in Burma came to speak to our class. She showed some really tragic photos of what's going on over there, like decaying bodies that have been left out for weeks because there's just not enough resources to even move them. I'm hoping that GRaIN will be interested in getting involved. I have high hopes!

Thursday 5/29/08: TODAY
Today was actually pretty chill! I woke up and realized that I had to type up something for Acting, so I did that in a rush while studying for my Photography midterm. Took the midterm, ended early and had Acting canceled for the day. I went to Smith Barney and dropped off cookies that I had baked with Adam (the brownies turned ROCK HARD!) and just chatted for a little bit. I'm kind of sad that I won't be able to visit as much because I'm so much more comfortable now, but hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch. Afterwards, I went to lunch with Cassie (Croutons, mm) and Yogurtworld with Bobby.

Unfortunately, I lost my phone...again. =( I had that phone for a while, I feel like! Sigh...

I didn't plan for it, but I ended up going to PB with Kevin and Irvin...who were twins for the night:

I DDed of course, lol. Freakin' Kevin was running on empty, I was afraid that his car wouldn't make it back home! Anyways, moral of the story is: I'm a good friend...I could have totally hidden his car somewhere and locked him out of his apartment and I didn't.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Massive Procrastination leads to Massive Update

I know I'm procrastinating my research paper when I've resorted to doing laundry, taking a shower, and washing my makeup brushes within a few hours of tonight. Now I'm going to update on my past couple weeks as I've neglected to document my last few weeks of college. (Que panic)

Tuesday, 5/13/08: Duel Birthdays and No Finished Gifts
Today was both Cassie and Shian's birthdays. I every year I run into this situation and this year I'm proud to say that I made BOTH birthday events/dinners. Shian's birthday dinner was at this cute restaurant in downtown La Jolla where I bought her the "strongest drink you have" (aka Long Island Iced Tea) and got her adequately intoxicated.

I then rushed to Cassie's dinner which was ridiculous because there was a spectrum of people from her life all at one table. It was pretty interesting, really, and even the Boys-from-upstairs showed up! It's nice to see how some things in life are still constant, especially with people.

Wednesday, 5/14/08: Sunny, Social Day with a Scattering of Dance
I always try to reserve my Wednesday breaks for my 1st year girls: Cassie, Kat and Linda. Those two hours between 1pm and 3pm are one of the highlights of my entire week! That day happened to be extra special because a.) the weather was gorgeous, sunny and perfect. Just how San Diego SHOULD be! b.) I was with my girls c.) we ran into many other friends during those few hours! Oh, how I'll miss PC. Though, I won't be missing the moment where pledges run up and greet me in front of my non-affiliated friends. Awkward and embarrassing!

Later that night, Sierra, Linda, Kat Cheung and I all ventured downtown to seek out Salsa dancing! It's something I've always wanted to do and it did NOT disappoint! Cafe Sevilla was everything I had imagined a Salsa Club to be. The bouncer, Mike, was really friendly and gave us free passes for the night (he also had ridiculously long eyelashes, it's so unfair). You then had to walk downstairs to the underground level where there was a small entrance. Suddenly, it would open up to be this hot, humid, spread out dance floor where the red lighting and live band gave it the perfect dance mood. Random guys came up to ask us to dance and while I've never really Salsa'ed before, it was so much fun. As long as the guy was a good lead, following was pretty simple.

Speaking of Sierra and Linda, we also went out to celebrate Sierra earlier in the month! She earned Honors in her major! So we went to Hillcrest and picked out an Indian restaurant to eat. Yum!

Thursday, 5/15/08: Grunion(less) Run!
Kat, Cassie, Linda and I all attempted to see the infamous Grunions...but to no avail. They were definitely no where in sight that night! Oh well, it's ok! We ended up taking a romantic stroll up (very far up) along Mission Beach and ran around the life guard towers a bit.

Friday, 5/16/08: Crap, I forget already. I need Kat to remind me. [EDIT] OMGz I'm a retard: SUNGOD FESTIVAL!
I can't believe I forgot what Friday was (that is SO not a reference to how the day was) but it was definitely my best Sungod! Not because the concert or the events were great, but because of the company, of course! To sum up my feelings about UCSD's administration: I hate you and you're all a bunch of squares who are trying to control us and ruin our college experience because you're all bitter about your own lives.

Anyways, the day started out with an amazing breakfast of Hello Kitty waffles with strawberries, bacon, sausage, eggs and Strawberry Mimosas! We had a bunch of friends over...I forget who exactly altogether but Linda eventually made her way over as well as Jean! Sierra had to work a half day so she couldn't meet up with us in the morning, but joined us later in the afternoon!

After breakfast, Linda, Jean and I went to do a little bit of shopping for Salsa dresses and skirts at UTC! We donned our swimsuits because we had planned to swim in the fountains on campus, but we heard that they drained the fountains and roped off any access. How much does UCSD suck? No bounds, I tell ya. Anyways, me and Linda decided that the only way to make it right was to swim with the dolphins. The UTC dolphins!

Yes, oh yes we did. We're obviously not very photogenic underwater, but it was rushed and we didn't actually want to get in trouble. Then again, do you think they'd really arrest two girls in bikinis? I hope not. What kind of world is that?

After that quick dip, we scampered off back to Costa Verde and went to an actually swimming pool to just lounge and relax. I got a call from Adam and was informed of a gathering at Christine's place (also at Costa). So after we got bored of the pool, we wandered on over there. I dont' know why people were so surprised at seeing us in bathing suits, we were just at the pool! Yay for Bikini Fridays!

We also rampaged through McDonald's across the street. We didn't meet the shirt and pants requirement but they were very understanding of the need for some fun so they let us order our meals anyways, haha.

FINALLY, we took the shuttle to campus. Weren't we surprised to see it completely DEAD. I mean, it was like a weekend! So very different from all the other Sungods where people are wandering around, people running into friends, just fun in general. It's like the one day of the year where we feel like a college campus and have some sort of pride. Anyways, we took and quick photo in front of the Sungod, and what do you know, the Koala DOES have it's upside: it maintained it waterslide tarp up on Muir Lawn!

There was one smaller hole that was in the middle of the tarp, and of course my arm went through it as I slid down, face first. It yanked my right arm back and left a nasty burn mark that later scabbed over. =(

Thanks to Jean, who was our photographer!

We went to Pei's place to drop off some stuff and then went to where the real fun was at: IHouse! Seriously, one thing I've learned about UCSD is that IHouse is where it's at. Everyone is so friendly and the international kids are so much more spontaneous. People wandering in and out of dorms and making new friends.

After spending most of the afternoon in that area (I finally found Irvin again), we decided to check out this new system of UCSD's where they combined everything about Sungod into the RIMAC area. Basically, it blew. We had to stand in this HUUUGE line to get in before a certain time and it was just so ridiculous. Ugh. I just did not like that. I ended up losing Sierra and Jean at some point but I ended up taking a nap on the lawn for a little bit. Anyways, I think I saw Shian and a couple other people but this part was a bit confusing.

Thanks for letting me nap on you, haha.

I watched/listened to Sean Kingston "Kingston, Kingston...(echo echo echo...)" and he was not a very good entertainer. He didn't even perform all his hits all the way! =( Anyways, I found Cassie and Linda and we tried to figure out when Kat was going to perform her LAST dance! We found her too! Yay! She said that they were going to perform on the side stage and that if we saw it light up, we should haul ass there.

Meanwhile, some guy was hitting on Cassie and it was awkward trying to ignore him. Then he turns around to go back to his friends and his friends turned out to be me and Irvin's friend and THAT was awkward. O_o Go figure! Suddenly, I turned and saw the side stage lit up so me, Cassie and Linda sprinted for the stage. We got there with enough time to get front stage seats!

They were amazingg! I'll post the video, too!
They even had different shows like these weird acrobats and other dancers. Pretty cool! I think that the side stage was possibly better than the concert!

After THAT, we were some of the last ones on campus as most people left the concert (bad signs!). We were hungry again so Kat, Cassie, Linda, Irvin and I went to Tea Station to get some food and drinks! So Asian, haha. After that, we were pretty exhausted so we dropped them off home and called it a night. Whew!

I love themmm!

Saturday, 5/17/08: Sorry Ronnie, we went to LA.
So Saturday was supposed to be a recovery during the day and the follow up of Sixth College reunions. We went to the beach and it was PERFECT. I mean, when San Diego has good weather, it's incredible. We took the bus from campus so that we wouldn't have to deal with parking...good thing too! It was SO CROWDED at the beach! Oh well, it made it that much more fun!

We were hungry, so we trekked to a burger joint up on the main road and ate yummy greasiness. Totally worth it. Eric and Gary even visited SD, though I didn't get to see them much. Sorry! I walked up and down the whole beach looking for those guys when they actually ended up walking up to the other end looking for ME. Go figure. I even ran into Garcia and Jess. Fun day!

Later that night, Ronnie was throwing a welcome home party for his brother...but instead, we tried this whole "spontaneous" run we were having and decided to drive up to LA. Why? Because I got invited to Eva Longoria's new restaurant opening party. The words that were used to describe it to me were "red carpet", "exclusive", and "you should come if you can handle the paparazzi". O_o I don't think they would take pictures of us, but the idea that paparazzi would be there was crazy! So being silly, we were like, OKAY LETS GO!

Unfortunately, LA traffic got the better of us and we ended up missing the party. Oh well, we ended up going to a club for a little bit and then grabbing some amazing breakfast food for a super late dinner. Thanks anyways, Larry!

Sunday, 5/15/08: I don't remember. =(

Okay, that is my bulk update for that one week. I'll return to do this past week at another time!