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HK Cinema, Tarantino Style

I am looking forward to Tarantino's future Kung-Fu movie, which is supposedly taking precedence over Inglorious Bastards (currently in production). I predict that the dubbed version (the film will be in Mandarin, with English subtitles on another version) will be most excellent. Will Pai Mei make it into this movie???

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Keep an eye on http://qtdiary.blogspot.com/

+1 for Kerry!


I was under the impression that QT's blog is a hoax, but after searching around I can't find any definitive evidence to back up an arguement for or against its authenticity. I am inclined to believe that it is a hoax though, despite QT's rebuttal:


Like Mulder I want to believe, but I need proof other than testimonials from dubious sources.

BTW, sorry about Kerry, but I can't say I'm really dissapointed or that I would have been if it had turned out the other way around. It was like choosing between eating rotten, blistered hot dogs at DLG and grey, over-cooked grade F meat in Ortega. I'll hold out for nachos and chicken strips, thank you very much...

Hmm...mozzarella sticks...

Hey, finally donated the Olds Achieva yesterday...*sniff*. Lots of memories in that clunker. Remember freshman year Halloween? We had 9 people in there. I fondly remember you digging your knee into the huge laceration on Steve's leg.

Good times...


By "donate" do you mean "pushed into Lake Cachuma"? I hope so...

No, I mean donate to charity. The governator is taking away that tax writeoff next year, so now's the time to donate your vehicle.


Oooohh- well, I'm sad to see her go. Good times in that Olds. Funky odors and a bit humid, but good times. What are you driving now?

Not, actually. Sarah and I are sharing a car. Living with only one car hasn't been so bad, and if we end up living in SF next year, we'll probably not have a car at all.

It actually sounds quite nice.


The screenplay of Quentin Tarantino's Kung Fu movie has been leaked to the internet. It seems to be some sort of Japanese gangster flick. Link

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